Jacob’s Plain Gun Club offers the opportunity for a variety of training Programs and special events.  Several instructional groups use JPGC as their home for instruction.  

Civilian Firearms and Personal Defense

Guardian Angels PMC  offers civilian firearms courses to specialized law enforcement and military tactical training.  Information on their courses, training dates is available by visiting their website at www.gapmc.com


Long Range Rifle Training - Long range rifle instruction is available through a variety of providers.  For more information, contact us at john.lawrence@jacobsplaingunclub.com


Law Enforcement Organization Training– JPGC offers law enforcement access to the ranges by appointment.  JPGC provides access to either, or both, tactical areas or long-range rifle providing the LEO a diverse training environment where their skills can be honed in a controlled environment.  For more information, contact us at john.lawrence@jacobsplaingunclub.com


Corporate and Other Events –  In the past, church and corporate groups have used JPGC for activities.  If you’re looking to host a corporate, church or large gathering, JPGC has the space and facilities you need