Jacob's Plain Gun Club and Battlefield

Jacob’s Plain is home to several matches on a monthly basis.   You can always find something do to at jpgc. follow the links below to visit our competition partners.

Dates for events are available on our event CALENDAR


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North Texas Practical Shooters

NTX Practical Shooters is a club dedicated to hosting International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches.   NTXPS hosts matches each month on the second Saturday.   Go to their website for more information  www.ntxpracticalshooters.com


JPGC Long range matches

Jacobs Plain Gun Club hosts monthly long range matches on the third Saturday of each month.  These matches generally consist of six to ten stages challenging your long range precision rifle skills from a variety of shooting positions.   JPGC is affiliated with the PRS Regional series and participants who are members of the PRS earn points towards this club series.




berger's sharpshooters

The Berger Sharpshooters Posse was formed in April, 2011.  Western Action Shooting (sometimes referred to as "cowboy action shooting") is a shooting sport using live ammunition.  Participants dress in period clothing and use guns and gear from the 1865 to 1899 time frame.  Modern replica guns and gear are appropriate also.  Lead  rounds are fired onto steel targets.  A match consists of several shooting stages.  Each stage requires a shooter to engage pistol, rifle, and shotgun targets in a particular order.  The shooter is timed while firing.  Accuracy reflects on the shooter's score as well.  Shooters of all skill level and ages participate.   NCOWS places a heavy emphasis on the historic accuracy of participants' clothing, guns, and gear.  More information on the Berger Sharpshooters (Cowboy Action) may be found on their website at www.bergersharpshooters.com.   




This is a .22LR rifle match modeled after the NRL centerfire matches. Shooters will engage targets from many types of barricades as well as standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. The course of fire will consist of various size targets and will also include “hostage” style scenarios, partially blocked or hidden targets, diminishing size precision reactive targets.Semi-Auto or bolt rifles are welcome. Iron sights or optics are allowed but magnified optics are strongly recommended. Magazine fed rifles are also highly recommended.Targets will be engaged from multiple and various simulated field positions including prone, various barricade positions, simulated stairstep/stairwells, barrels, rooftop positions, stronghand/weakhand, supported and unsupported standing, and other positions at the Match Director’s discretion. This is NOT a benchrest match nor a “belly” match. Come prepared to shoot from a multitude of challenging positions.