Jacob’s Plain Gun Club General Range Safety Rules

Jacob’s Plain Gun Club is a member’s only range and does not provide range safety officers and therefore it is the responsibility of the member or guest to practice firearms safety while on the range.  We want everyone to be safe and enjoy their time at Jacob's Plain Gun Club.

Firearms Basic Safety Rules

  • Treat all firearms as if they were loaded
  • Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target
  • Know your target and what is beyond it

General Safety Rules Applicable to All Ranges

  • JPGC IS A COLD RANGE. Members may carry pistols holstered with the magazine removed and the chamber clear.  Any member caught carrying a loaded firearm outside the approved shooting areas, and without prior permission, will be asked to leave the property immediately.  Pistols carried and not holstered must be carried with the slide locked back. Revolvers will be carried with cylinder open.  Rifles will be carried with the bolt or action open.
  • Eye and ear protections is required for all shooters and guests or spectators on the property.  Individuals assume all responsibility for any injury that occurs by not wearing appropriate eye and ear protection
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property. No one may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the property.  
  • No loud or obscene language
  • Members are expected to police their own brass, spent shells, ammo that malfunctioned, and trash 
  • No fully automatic weapons are allowed to be fired on the property
  • No bump firing or devices that cause or simulate a fully automatic firearm(s) 
  • Reckless gun handling, including but not limited to shooting from the hip, two gun shooting or other forms of shooting with limited control are prohibited
  • Shoot from approved shooting positions only
  • Shoot with approved ammunition only.  No tracer rounds or steel core ammunition is permitted.
  • Class III firearms, to include suppressors and “short barreled rifles”, are allowed. All members using a Class III firearm must have a tax stamp on file with Jacob’s Plain Gun Club.
  • Shotguns may be used on a case by case basis only with range manager permission
  • Only properly functioning firearms are to be used on the property. If your firearm has ongoing malfunctions issues you are expected to clear the firearm and cease using it.  If your firearm malfunctions in a manner that leaves a live round in the chamber that you cannot clear, you are to immediately carry the firearm, muzzle down, to your vehicle and secure it in a non-passenger (trunk) area of the vehicle if possible. 
  • Only approved targets may be used.  No shooting at glass bottles, rocks, etc.   Approved targets consist of paper, cardboard, and properly rated steel targets.  
  • Shooting range infrastructure to include, but not limited to the following:  target stands or frames, barrels, barricades, props such as vehicles, is strictly prohibited.  
  • Members are responsible for the behavior and safety of any minors they bring onto the property.  At no time will any minor be allowed to handle a firearm on the property without adult supervision.
  • Members are responsible for the behavior and safety of any guests they bring onto the property.
  • No guests are allowed on the property outside of normal operating hours.
  • Members may park off roadways when the ground is dry and firm.  Members are responsible for damage done to the property by driving off road during muddy conditions.  The fine for creating ruts on the property during wet conditions will be $75 per occurrence.  
  • Instructors utilizing JPGC and The Battlefield are responsible for adherence to all range rules and are responsible for the actions of their students
  • Competition shooting events, such as IDPA, PRC and Cowboy action are required to provide their own range or safety officers in accordance with the rules of that shooting sport.  During the match the match director controls the designated range.  Rules for those individual sports, which might conflict, with JPGC Range Safety Rules will be addressed between the match director and JPGC range manager.
  • Members are expected to keep gates closed and locked during and after their time on the property.  Any member who comprises the security of the property by sharing the gate lock code with non-members is subject to disciplinary action including revocation of their membership and a fine. 
  • Any member, guest or competitor violating any of the JPGC rules may be asked to leave the property immediately  

Range Specific Rules

Tactical/Pistol Bays

  • Pistol calibers and shotguns only on any steel target on the Tactical/Pistol bays.
  • Pistol caliber cartridges only – e.g., 22lr, 22 mag, 32acp, 380 auto, 9mm, 38sp, 357 mag, 40sw, 45acp, 44spl, 44m)  Muzzle velocities will not exceed 2000 ft/sec
  • Shotguns firing slugs are permitted
  • Shotguns firing 2 ¾” shells are permitted 
  • Minimum distance from any steel target is 30 feet or 10 yards
  • Never fire beyond berm limitations of tactical bays
  • Access to the property is allowed only during published operating hours.  Normal operating hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, or dusk, whichever comes first and 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., or dusk, whichever comes first Saturday and Sunday.   

The Battlefield – Long Range Rifle  and 200 yard rifle range

  • Rifle caliber cartridges exceeding 4000 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle are prohibited – examples include, but are not limited to 338 Lapua Magnum, 375 Weatherby Magnum, and 470 Nito Express.  
  • Steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing and tracer ammunition is prohibited. 
  • Shoot from approved shooting positions only – bench, prone deck, barricades, etc.
  • Members are responsible for damage to any steel targets, target frames, and range infrastructure (e.g., barrels, barricades, range props) caused by their actions
  • Members may bring one guest or family member to the range during normal operating hours. Guests range fee will be $20 per day the immediate family member incurs no additional fee.  Any member bringing a guest onto the property is responsible for that guest’s actions. 
  • Access to the property is allowed only during published operating hours.  Normal operating hours are Friday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, or dusk, whichever comes first.  Alternate, or extended hours, will be posted on the Events page of the website.