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JPGC Steel Match - August 19th

JPGC will host a steel match for Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC), .22 rifle/pistol and pistol calibers.   There will be five stages and a participant may shoot an additional gun for $10.  Register for this match online via the following link  Match fee is $20, cash only, and may be paid at the match.

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JPGC Long Range Belly Match

JPGC will host a "belly" match on June 30th. This match will consist of 6 to 7 stages shot from the prone position. This match will be designed to be a good beginning point for new shooters allowing for a good opportunity to get large number of hits while more experienced shooters will remain challenged with 1/2 MOA targets. Targets will be 300 to 800 yards. Payment, cash only, will be taken at the match

Registration is required online and may be completed by following the link below:


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JPGC Long Range Belly Match Train Up

Join Jacob's Plain Gun Club the "Train Up" session prior to its belly match. This will be an opportunity for the participant of the JPGC Belly Match on June 30th to come out and gather DOPE for the range, check equipment, run a couple of the stages and ask questions prior to the match.    Dan Jarecke will also cover the following topics:

-  Ballistics software and truing data

-  Data collection for 1000 yard targets

-  Wind calculation values

Train up fee ($40 - cash only) will be collected at the event and is separate from the match fee.

Participants need to come to the session with their rifle/scope zeroed at 100 yards.

Registration may be completed by the following link:

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