Jacob's Plain Gun Club

A range for every shooter...


Jacob’s Plain Gun Club is a 185 acre range and since opening in the early 1990s, Jacob’s Plain Gun Club has grown from a single pistol bay and one 100 yard rifle range, into a range with seven tactical bays, a cowboy action shooting range and a 200 yard rifle bay with two shooting stations.  

In 2014, the range expanded to include the newly formed “Battlefield” which provides a variety of “tactical” shooting positions allowing for engagement of steel targets at a variety of distances out to 1,100 yards.  The Battlefield provides its members the opportunity to really test their long-range rifle skills.  The Battlefield is also host to several precision rifle matches each year and provides for law enforcement training areas.

Operating Hours

Tactical/Pistol bays are accessible to members and their approved guests during the following hours:  

  • Normal operating hours are Monday-Friday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, or dusk, whichever comes first and 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., or dusk, whichever comes first Saturday and Sunday.

The Battlefield (Long Range Rifle) is accessible to members and approved guests during the following hours:

  • Normal operating hours are Friday to Sunday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, or dusk, whichever comes first.


JPGC and The Battlefield are members only ranges accepting a limited number of memberships annually between the two clubs.   This affords members the opportunity to have access to shooting areas each time they come out to the range, without having to worry about full bays, no benches available or tactical bays unavailable for use.   Providing a truly “private” setting for the member to enjoy.

Memberships run January to December each year but prorated programs are available.  For more information on joining one, or both, of these ranges click HERE or you may contact John Lawrence at

Jacob’s Plain Gun Club

Tactical Pistol

The JPGC pistol range has seven tactical bays where members, guests and members may draw from the holster, shoot on the move and rapid fire – these bays are truly tactical bays.  Target stands, barricades and other “props” are available for use by members to set up a variety of drills.    All of the following are allowed:  drawing from a holster, rapid fire, shooting on the move, and shooting from around barricades.      

Rifle Range

JPGC members and guests may shoot rifles out to 200 yards from a bench rest position.  There are target backers at 50 yards and 100 yards and 200 yards.  

Shotgun Area

Shotgun shooting is allowed in an undeveloped location on the range and members must provide their own thrower and clay pigeons.


Underdevelopment/Coming Soon -- however, members may bring their archery equipment and their own targets and set up in one of the undeveloped areas of the range

Cowboy Action Shooting

The cowboy action area of the club is reserved for members of the Berger Sharpshooters.  More information on the Berger Sharpshooters (Cowboy Action) may be found on their website at

The Battlefield

The Battlefield was created in 2014 to allow members, law enforcement and precision rifle match participants access to a range where they can further their shooting capabilities at longer distances.  There are over 10 shooting positions and over 35 steel targets of various sizes and distances starting at 100 yards and stretching out to 1,100 yards.    This is not a bench style range – it is a tactical facility with multiple positional shooting options.   There are not many true long-range rifle ranges with the number of available shooting positions and targets to challenge you as those offered at JPGC.